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Digitalize processes to save costs and increase efficiency.

User acquisition

Get a new tool for user acquisition and attract new patients with your brand new digital product.

Personalized communication channel

Need to get more patients to a prevention inspection or increase vaccination? It's easy to motivate patients to visit you with your new inbox.

Digitalize processes to save costs and increase efficiency

ePrescriptions | Appointment scheduling | Office information

100000+ Patients feels more safety using our Application.

We are improving your health & medical processes, making your mission more effective. Also we can help you with our experience in health & medical systems area and knowledge about patients and/or personal needs.

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App Features

See all the most important features in the our health product.

All in one

Keep patient and their family all medical data in one place. Patient can see all them clearly, transparently and up to date.

Integration with EMR

Our solution can easly integrate any EMR system. This cause that your branded app can get all data from any data provider and use them.


Now you can see an overview of your upcoming / past appointments. Easily organize your upcoming appointments.


Keep all information about patient vactination in one place and up to date. Educate and motivate patients to vactinate themself.

Chronical illnesses

Collect patient measurements in one place and present them how it is required. Also our solution can work with electronic health equipments.

Online payments

Our solution can work with any payment ways. You can use bank gateway, 3rd party solution or apple pay / google pay.

Our Solution

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Increase revenue
Engage new acquisition
Improve user experience
Optimize processes

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