How can we help you ?

We can innovate your business through research, analysis, implementation and scaling. We can help you with a full dedicated team or just by consulting.

Research & innovation

Discover and analyze new opportunities how to improve your business.

Analysis, design & prototyping

Analyze, make a prototype and test a solution to minimize any risk factors.

Implementation & delivery

Develop and deliver a solution to the customer for all of the required platforms.

Maintaining & scaling

Maintain and scale your products to keep them competitive and up to date.

Our products.

Take a look at stories of some of the most impressive projects we’ve been working on recently.


We are keeping you up and running up to date with the latest trends & innovations in healthcare industry.


We are improving your health & medical processes, making your mission more effective.


We can help you with our experience in health & medical systems area and knowledge about patients and/or personal needs.


It's important to keep safety in your new system to keep your privacy.


We will improve or recreate your existing processes to make your systems safer and more reliable.


Our experience allows to us design secure systems which can work with sensitive data.

Banking & Security


Daniel Kręželok

CEO / Co-Founder

Vojtěch Bělovský

COO / Co-Founder

Philip Delvecchio

Sales Director

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