NANONEUROTEC, s.r.o. is a company focused on an application of a specific research of nano and quantum technologies and their connections to neural systems.

All of the technologies invented by NANONEUROTEC are unique in every aspect, and can be used to protect and improve every living organism (improvements to physiology, immunity improvements and improvements to human or animal psychological abilities).

"Folks from iDevBand were able to turn years of research and testing into working products with wide range of uses."


The Technology

nVoice is a technology which recognizes emotions through audiospectral analysis. Every sound can be analyzed, including human voice. This way we are able to identify some basic emotions in human voice. All of this happens pretty naturally in human voice, thus it’s pretty hard or almost impossible to mask or fake. The analysis happens very quickly. We are able to identify different voice indications in the matter of milliseconds. This ability makes our service widely usable in areas like: call centers, customer support, sales, security lines & babysitting.

Other than realtime, we can also monitor emotion changes in a certain period of time which allows us to create analytical tools for the services mentioned above. The measurements are objective, based on an exact data so we are able to compare and rate them according to individual client’s needs.

nVoice isn’t language dependent. Some cultural differences can make a difference, but that only is the case in more complex emotions or different interpretation of the base emotions and their progress in time.

Specific reactions to certain words can be analyzed as well. Specifically we can analyze and improve caller’s interactions with their clients in some specific situations.

From a thought all the way to a working product

Our client came to us one day, saying that he is in touch with a really interesting medical scientist ( called Dimitry ) asking us for help in a creation of a product based on Dimitry’s knowledge and research. And so we began looking into the subject. After a few very interesting meetings, we’ve identified key features which many companies could benefit from on an international market. The most important feature being a know-how in a subject of psychology, which allows as to identify emotional state of a person based on a voice analysis.

After identifying our key know-how and verifying it’s business use we began prototyping the product. We wanted to minimize any potential risks, so we kept developing prototypes on which we were testing and validating the results. We kept improving our prototypes until we got to a point where we knew, that the technology has the required results. The prototyping process increased resources needed for development by about 20%, but drastically eliminated the risk, that the technology wouldn’t be applicable in the real world scenarios. Based on our prototyping findings we developed a service called “nVoice”.

To ensure easy accessibility to as many customers as possible, we’ve opt for cloud based solutions.