Who is Moje Ambulance

Moje Ambulance is the single biggest network of consulting rooms and GP’s for adults in Czech Republic. This solution is the first and the only one of its kind in Czech Republic, offering clients cutting edge services and many more benefits. MA has about 200k clients in Czech Republic.

"We are satisfied working together with iDevBand. We are making our ideas come true together, while also recieving some useful tips and changes we could implement into our existing systems."

-Marek Potysz

The story

MA reached to us to create a brand new product. They wanted something that just wasn’t here before. A kind of mobile medical care app (something like internet banking). We began by going through all the needs and requirements, analyzing them and consulting everything with nurses, doctors and potential patients. That helped us in eliminating any unnecessary features, as well as allowed us to focus on a real world uses and scenarios for the application. We then created a roadmap, a development plan and pricing as well as time estimates.

The app is now in development according to our agile methodology and time estimates.